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AK riveting question

Since the scare happened, I bought kits while so many were looking for rifles. Ended up with a Bulgarian 74, Egyptian Maadi, and Hungarian AMD 65. All of which are kits. I found some blank receivers also. In the time I've been waiting for them to ship, I've done quite a bit of research and decided on bolt cutters for the riveting. Seems tothtools makes some great jaws for the cutters that turn out perfect rivets easily. If I can't get my hands on those, I'll just make my own.

However, I suppose they won't work on the trigger guard or the mag catch rivets. I've built several Saigas, so I know the trigger guards on those go on with bolts. I hear the argument against screw builds for AKs is that the screws can shear off under all the pressure. I can't imagine the trigger guard or mag catch is under all that much pressure. I would guess bolts would work just find for that area. Am I right on this?
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