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The liability one gets tossed up every single time.

Remember can get sued by ANYONE, for ANYTHING.
Does their case have merit? Can they prove that it does?

If you want to take the safest route... stay indoors. Guns are dangerous. Handloads are dangerous. The sunshine can burn your skin. There are germs in the outside world. Don't talk to people.

The italicized portion is extreme, and meant in jest. It's not reality.

If you are new to handloading, focus all your efforts in to what you are doing and spend a few YEARS getting better at it. When you can honestly consider yourself a fairly practiced and skilled handloader, visit the issue again and see what you come up with.

And remember that the Fed's greatest motivation to making you obtain a manufacturer's FFL for producing and selling ammo is not because ammo can be dangerous... it's because they want to TAX you for your efforts.
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