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In progressive, these two brands are SO FAR apart on the scale that it truly isn't really fair to compare them.

If you compare the build quality, the quality of materials, the ease of use, the durability, the capability, the functionality and design, the customer service and the amount of maintenance and adjustment, the Dillon machine so far outweigh anything that Lee has ever built that it's like racing a thoroughbred up against a pack mule.

Now then... if you price out the machines (and especially so when you begin to outfit a single machine for multi-caliber use and swappability) then the bottom line, out the door expenditure in dollars gets so far apart that once again, it's like the difference between purchasing a pack mule and buying a pedigreed thoroughbred.

Lee progressive machines can work and can provide a certain level of output for a certain type of user. And I'm a -huge- fan of Lee products and they are almost irrationally represented on my bench -- and that includes a Lee Progressive press (Pro-1000), and with the help of that Pro 1000, I've churned out over 20k loaded rounds in the last two consecutive calendar years. So if you think I'm a Lee are out in left field.

But if anyone, ANYONE, tries to make the argument that Lee's best progressive is as good or better than a Dillon progressive, especially a 650, then give them a short wave of "thanks" and exit the conversation, because you are talking to a used car salesman.

Dillon machines will require a large cash outlay and the price flies up in a ridiculous fashion as you add the necessary pieces, especially if you want to do more than one caliber.

It really is all about the money.
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