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I think a good .22 target pistol would be one of the best thing you could do for yourself if you want to learn to shoot handguns and be able to shoot them well.

Cheap, easy to shoot, not very loud, negligible recoil, and you can shoot hundreds of rounds for what a box of larger centerfire handgun ammunition cost. You will be less likely to develop bad habits like flinching with the lighter recoil and noise of the .22.

Everyone should own a .22LR or several of them... It is one of the most practical firearms you can own whether you are shooting a handgun or a rifle. Its the easiest ammo to find. There are just so very many reasons for you to own a .22.

The only thing that it isn't better for is being a personal defense weapon, and honestly you are going to be shooting targets and practicing a lot more than you are going to need to defend yourself. Once you are skilled with it, those same skills carry on to larger guns that are better at being a defensive weapon.

And like others have said, try to not be vulgar when writing your post.
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