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Okay, I am learning, but slowly.

I was thinking I'd need a case trimmer - to trim cases. But I find it can also camfer and deburr the case (which seems quite handy to me). Are there other functions it can perform that I should consider?

With the variety of functions a case trimmer can perform and the need for different bits, holders, and whatnot, I'm still feeling stumped on just what I need to order for any of the manufacturers you fellows have kindly suggested. I feel ignorant enough about the topic to believe I'm likely to order and miss some part or another that I need in order to make it work. (The manufacturers' sites haven't been any too helpful either, that I have found, in saying you need this part and that part and another part. They assume understanding and knowledge that I just don't have. I've read the Speer manual a couple times, but it doesn't go to the detail I need to order specific parts for the cartridges I want to reload.)

Thanks again fellows. I appreciate your guiding me through this.


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