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Charles D. Grace of Co 'B' enlisted 26 Apr 1861, wounded and furloughed, last record surrendered Appomattox Court House 9 Apr 1865. This company was mustered into service on 3 May 1861 at Augusta, Ga. He enlisted at La Grange, Ga. On 26 Apr 1861 he was at a hospital.

31 Dec 1863 he was wounded and on furlough.

He was sent for exchange from Ft. Delaware to Aikens Landing, Va 2 Oct 1862 and declared exchanged on 10 Nov 1862.

He is on the list of soldiers surrendered by Gen. Lee at Appomattox.

He was in a regimental hospital on 13 Nov 1861 with a fever. I can read the type of fever but am unfamiliar with it. He returned to duty 14 Nov 1861. On 21 May 1864 he is shown as being at Jackson hospital, Richmond, Va. He was furloughed for 60 days. He was shot in the left shoulder by a minie ball and admitted at Jackson Hospital on 16 May.
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