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Bear in mind that the Llama, while extremely 1911like, is not really a 1911 'clone'. If it's parts commonality your looking for the Chuck Daly is the winner there. OTOH, a lot of fairly slick little 1911 raceguns I've seen were built on the lowly Norinco platform. Dirt cheap, 100% parts interchangeability, and if you're going to '86' everything but the frame & slide (and probably machine those) who cares what name started out on it: it'll be an "FVK 1911" when you're done. The best shooting 1911 semi-racegun I ever owned didn't have two peices on it from the same company: Essex frame, Remington Rand slide, & etc. but it was well-massaged and you could wow the locals by chambering & ejecting a mag full of empty cases as fast as you could work the slide- outstanding feed reliability for Brownings venerable warhorse designed for a steady diet of round-nosed hardball.

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