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I always thought the 9.3x62 shines with the heavy 280+ gr bullets. Prvi makes a 285 gr load that I can shoot 2" groups at 100 yards with. As my Merkel SR1 kicks like a mule with that load, the cartridge is probably better . Haven't tried to reload them as my gun dings the case mouth on ejection.
If I want lighter bullets in that energy class I probably take my 338 WM.
On 9.3 in general, if I want 375 H&H performance I use the 9.3x64 Brenneke. I also have a 9.3x64 from pre-WWI that uses a 30-06 base case, so I don't dare loading that anywhere near the 9.3x62 level. Still need a 9.3x57 to round out the collection.
I used to love being able to hit hard at 1000 yards. As I get older I find hitting a mini ram at 200 yards with the 22 oddly more satisfying.
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