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The individual military person is heavily restricted in the field of politics. Suffocated to the point of bumper stickers having been at times directed to be removed and other pettiness on the part of some commands. Now just to be fair I do think its wise that the military as a whole has some limits in this arena as they have all the best weapons and history has shown that in other nations the military can and does take over on occasion.. I do not see this being a problem in our military provided we maintain a Constitutional Government.

The soldier asking about the 2A is typical of the fervent belief on our Constitution and Bill of Rights many military people have.. I myself served for the my belief in these documents. Unfortunately we do not teach people the actual history of how and why our rights came into being. Often political leaders do not understand the depths of patriotism in individuals, this is no different in civilian leaders of our military.

These leaders don't understand for many in the military it is our sense of duty to these documents and concepts that cause such selflessness on the battle field and in training.

These leaders don't understand that the lone sailor on a watch on a ship or out in -40 degree weather on the plains isn't just doing it out of some contractual obligation, they are doing it out of belief.
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