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I think you're giving this guy too much attention. And that's what he wants.


According to your ‘friend’ the guns are still going to be out there, no one is going to take the guns away.

Well then you’re still going to have gun violence. With about 200 MILLION guns in the country does he think bad people will NOT be able to get guns under his new plan? They will. Bad things will INEVITABLY happen.

What DID stop the killing at Newton?
People with guns.

In the Norway massacre it took over an hour for someone with a gun to show up and stop the madman that was walking around the camp shooting and killing people.

If your friend is ever confronted by a person bent on doing him harm with a gun or without one (and remember, the guns are still out there because no one is taking them away, according to him.) Would your friend like to have gun to defend himself? If not what is he going to do? Does he think the police will arrive before he is beaten or shot?

Once again does he think no bad people will be able to get guns under his new plan? Well, they will.
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