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Steyr 95s are a fun rifle, but I would not recommend it as your only or primary rifle. They are truly a "curio and relic".

Let me see if I can answer your questions and comment on your statements.

I hear that the recoil of the rifle is "epic" and that the cartridge has very good performance.
I would call the performance "adequate". The felt recoil is a product of light weight of the cartridge, stock design, and interior ballistics. It is stout, but "epic"? I think a 350 Rem Mag in a Rem 600 has much more recoil.

Not familiar with straight pull rifles. How does the bolt lock closed is its straight pull.
The bolt actually resides inside a sleeve with 2 lugs. The bolt has a "corkscrew" cut in which ride on the lugs. As the bolt handle is pulled or pushed, the bolt turns and the lugs on the bolt head engage recesses in the breech end of the reciever, just like a normal turnbolt rifle. There are plenty of pictures on the interwebz that will explain this better.

I cn find plenty of Nazi ammo but I do not know if its re-loadable.
FIrst of all, I would like to ask where are you finding this Nazi ammo? I'd like some more if it is a good price. That said, it is reloadable, but only in the Berdan primer sense, meaning it is one heluva PITA, if you can find Berdan primers.

As far as the rifle itself are they all Nazi finish? Would a "S" stamp signify that. As with the Mosin from another thread I am looking at a Hungarian made version.
They are all from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The "S" means that the rifle was rechambered from the 8x50R to the 8x56R cartridge. The Nazis took them over and issued them to non-combat troops. If the Nazis proofed them, it would be with the stylized Nazi eagle.

On a side note I have my Great Grandfathers discharge papers (need translating) from his service. He wasnt a good guy from the Allies perspective. I would assume that this is the type of rifle he would have carried. I am trying to find a pic of him in uniform to see if I can identify the gun.
That would be fantastic. I would love to see such a picture. Please post it in the C&R section.
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