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If I still lived in the People's Republic of MA, which thankfully I do not, I don't think I'd be too concerned about Linsky's bill. He's a perennial overreaching anti-gun bill filer and, near as I can tell, is generally regarded as something of a nut on the subject, even by those who are in favor of stricter controls. I'd be more worried about what Deval Patrick comes up with, which so far sounds identical to what passed in New York. Even though the Governor - not just Patrick, but any Governor - is something of a figurehead in Massachusetts, with the real power wielded by the House Speaker, his bill is far more likely to attract enough support to actually pass.

I'm sensitive to my fellow gun enthusiasts still living behind enemy lines and I understand the considerations of job, family, and other issues that make it difficult to leave. They kept me down there for most of my adult life. But, I always had a plan to get out, and when I finally could, I did. Life is very, very good up here in New Hampshire and we could always use a few more gun owners, so if you can, when you can, consider heading north.
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