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Anyone who thinks that Colt ever made a ".223" AR-15 that was chambered any differently than a 5.56mm AR-15 needs to find another hobby, because they are not smart enought to participate in this one.

The entire 5.56 v/s .223 "controversy" is silly on it's face for any rifle, never mind a COLT manufactured AR-15 that uses the SAME barrels as military issue.
Anyone who puts out statement like that should find another hobby because they are the ones that scare me the most, snooty, high handed and opinionated and therefore dangerous because they assume and no not check.

Me thinks you need to re-think your attitude (and yes I am willing to be censured for these comments if the moderator thinks I am out of line as I feel it needs to be addressed). I would hope you are censored.

We are here to learn and the OP asked a legitimate question and you should NEVER assume. IT could have a different barrel on it as unlikely as that is and be a 223. Colt may have made 223s YOU did not know about.
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