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I dont plan on boycotting NY State products, with the exception of not visiting.

Ive been to the plant in Ilion NY. Met many fine, friendly hard working folks...If I boycotted NY products it would only wind out hurting the little guys unfortunatly (just my view). The politicians wont notice for a min.

I would love to see these many firearm companies work toward moving to a state(s) with better laws toward firearm ownership, and to states that respect the manufacturing companies, who in turn, produce tax money for the state, as well as jobs for those who live in the states.

I would prefer though that if/when these companies decide to move, that they hopefully give an offer to their existing employees to move with them.

While I would love to see many of them move to NC, I think that if/when these companies do move that not only they will look at the cost issues, work place issues, but they will probably seek out a long term stable political enviroment in which to move in to.

Dividing the issue by avoiding a company that sales to LE, to me isnt going to work well, because many of these companies basically give LE a discount because it provides great advertising for their product. Many, many folks want to use what LE uses, and its doubtful the boycott would have any impact their either.

Me personally, I prefer to be kind in writing letters to these companies, and kindly asking them to consider moving in the future. Secondly, Im going to try to donate some to those organizations who are fighting against the NY ban.

edit to add:

The following companies (maybe more) have at least an office in NC now

Marlin - Madison NC
Remington - Madison NC
Para-Ord - Pineville NC
InterOrdnance (cant remember location right now)
USATactical - Statesville (smaller AR-15 manufacturer)

North Carolina must have something thats at least somewhat attractive to these few companies in some way. Perhaps its something to build upon...

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