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Mike Irwin
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"Never saw mention of an anti-conspiracy theory rule when I signed on...."

You didn't? Where here it is, then, from this:

Oddly enough, I'm pretty sure that that has been part of our rules sinces before 2009.

"5. Topics and conduct that will not be tolerated:

Multiple registrations
Drive-by cut and paste posting
Cross posting (Posting the same, or substantially the same, thread/topic in multiple forums)
Political Advocacy posts, or any purely political topic. However, some very few exceptions may be made.
Conspiracy threads or posts
Posts or threads on Race, Religion, and Sexuality
The End Of The World As We Know It (TEOTWAWKI), AKA: SHTF or Doomsday threads and Zombie threads
Knowingly and willfully advocating violation of a standing federal or state law (any state)
Violating our Copyrighted Material Policy"

Another one of our rules that gets threads closed is bringing up off-topic threads in a forum.

This is the black powder forum, so it will be closed.

One last thought...

It is well within the rights of the owner and management of this site to set limits and expectations on discussions, including what is NOT permitted at TFL, the services of which you receive free of charge due to the largess of that same owner.

If anyone is unhappy with that simple fact, no one is chaining you to your computer and forcing you to be here.
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