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I have a friend who owns more than 50 firearms, all but two of them purchased in the last 4 years. And with the exception of two or three that are employed for carry, NONE of them, none, have or serve ANY purpose other than to own, to shoot, to enjoy and to experience.
That's all fine and dandy. But the thread isn't about what your friend owns or likes to shoot, or you or me for that matter. The question is "what is enough?" I did nothing more than to say that 4"-6.5" is enough and if it isn't than you need to look elsewhere. Adding inches up front doesn't increase it's value in the field in any way but does detract from it. I'm all good if you, you're friend, the OP or anyone else likes to shoot/use a long barreled ubber magnums but there's enough, and then there's enough. 4-6.5" barrels is enough. It's what I said and gave reasons to in my first post yet you don't like it. I'm gonna go cry now.
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