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Bob Wright
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Pawn shop browsing.......

Dropped in on my neighborhood pawn shop this morning ~ didn't buy anything ~ to see what's out there now.

A couple of very nice S&W Model 19s, 6" with full target set up, pristine blue, around $500 each. One old Colt .38 Official Police (I think) pretty rough looking, nickel plated over the rough, $400 or so. A Ruger Bisley Vaquero, old style with case colored finish, nice grips, 5 1/2" barrel .357 Magnum, $469. And an Iver Johnson (Uberti) Cattleman Buntline .45 Colt for $399. One old Military & Police (pre-Model 10) barrel cut to about 2" with no front locking lug, nickeled finish with fake stag grips, $299. Didn't pay any attention to price but the usual bunch of auto loaders in 9mm and .40 S&W, some brand new, and a couple of old Galesi .25s.

The Ruger would have been interesting to me if .44 or .45 caliber. And the Iver Johnson Uberti, well.......

Bob Wright
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