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A tip on Bullet sizing....olive oil

Being a new reloader, I don't have everything on the wish list yet. One of those items is a lubrisizer rig, so, I have to size my castings with push through die on the press.

From what I've read, in the instructions that came with the stuff, the standard way to do this calls for lubing the unsized bullets with Alox before pushing them through. This calls for letting the Alox fully cure. In my first brush with ALox that took over 24 hours.

The impatient me recalled that I used olive oil in some muzzleloader bullet lubes, so I coated a batch in a bag of olive oil, ran them through. After sizing, I just washed the sized bullets in Dawn dish detergent, let dry, then Aloxed them before loading. Saved a day's time and had no ill effects on the sizer die. The 300 I ran pushed just as easy as the original Aloxed ones.
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