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New here looking for advice

posted this on a similar forum but looking for all the insight i can get.

the basic question is: are .22 pistols a waste of money?

I am relatively new in the gun scene. Ive shot maybe a dozen times all different caliber handguns and rifles and have taken a handgun safety course. I am looking to buy my first handgun and have been looking around the past month or two at different options. I am into gun ownership because I think it is a useful skill set to have. I am drawn to .22s because ammo is cheaper and I can get some serious time in learning the basics without breaking the bank on ammo.

Now obviously, my buddies think .22s are "wimpy" and want me to err on the larger side. Im pretty sure they are just dullards and I am being logical in my choice. Just wanted to see what the firearm world thinks.

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