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Benjamin Marauder/ 14gr .22 at 700fps
The Ben. Marauder .22 cal will produce 900 FPS velocities with the 14.3 grain pellets for close to 27foot pounds.

The Ben. Marauder .25 cal will push 27.8 grain pellet @ 850 fps producing close to 45 foot pounds.

I've shot the .25 cal a few times. It produces quite a bit more umph than your average air rifle. Very accurate too up to 100 yards to say the least.

In the Air Rifle realm: Pushing bigger heavier pellets at slower speeds produces higher accuracy.

I've seen on air gun videos that most light weight pellets ( under 20 grains ) pushed at velocities beyond 950-1000 FPS produce unstable pellet trajectories. -That is being that the pellets tend to wobble or spiral out ward in flight. Faster isn't always better speaking for air rifles.

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