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Confused on reloading 7.62x54R

I am planning to reload some 7.62x54R for the several Mosin-Nagants I have. I do have boxer-primed cases (from WWB stuff I've fired).

The spec says .312" bullets. My Lyman manual lists four bullets (2 by Sierra, 2 by Hornady) which are .311" and .312". However, it notes that many rifles will shoot .308" just fine, and I talked to someone who shot .308 out of a similar Mosin-Nagant with good results.

So what is the best way to proceed? Should I slug each barrel and then load based on that? As I understand it, the process is to ram a lead sinker through the barrel and then measure its width with calipers.

BTW, what is the effect of shooting a .308" bullet out of a barrel that slugs to .311" or .312"? I assume it would work there would be a loss of accuracy because the bullet wouldn't be gripped and get rifled going down the barrel...?
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