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Here is a review I found on the aforementioned Dixie/Buffalo .125 grain Conicals:

This is a 125 grai swaged bullet with cupped base and a hatch-mark bullet retention pattern on the bearing surface. They are coated with some sort of lubricant- probably moly. The nose is rounded like a ball to gain optimum fit to loading rams the base is rebated to allow the bullets to seat in the chambers. Seating is in a straight line with no more distortion than desirable and the same for all bullets.

I loaded these in a 61 Navy fitted with shoulder stock hoping that bullets would raise the point of impact a bit higher than with ball loads. This did occur but I also had a slight (1.5") bias to the left at 60 feet. I fired a group at that distance- standing with the shoulder stock attached putting five rounds into less than 2" and expanding the group to about 2.25 with a sixth. A fifty yard group sitting on the ground under less than ideal lighting conditons was about 7" . It appears that the Buffalo bullets come closer to ball accuracy than any others I have tried and would be adequate for close up small game hunting with the right point of aim.

I clocked five rounds with 18 grains of Goex fffg getting 803 fps with 99fps spread.
The same measure using Pyrodex P went 865 fps with 71 fps spread.

The bullets are fairly expensive at nearly $15 for a box of 50
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