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dahermit, your statement is correct. Civilizations as defined don't usually last very long and although easy-listening history lessons try to cite the cause of most downfalls as the result of some grand military victory, like Rome falling to the hords after being weakened by decades of decadent revelry. The reality is that they more often simply slowly changed from one civilization into another new civilization.

They say the Romans became so powerful because of how they offered citizenship to the common man, a place in the civilization regardless of origin. I would say that the same thing combined with new peoples being accepted into the body but being allowed to keep their old cultural beliefs what did them in.

As long as America continues to not only respect, but actually accommodate other cultures we in essence create a situation of co-habitation. Multiple cultures living together, multiple religions living in harmony. It sounds great unless intolerance is allowed to take root. Then the apple cart is all upset. When one group can't respect another then we got a problem.

That's what we have now in America. We have groups who's beliefs are so polarized that they can't leave each other alone. No live and let live, no just get along. So now everything is about who can pass laws to force the others to do it their way.

America was born in freedom, but it is being destroyed in tyranny. It is happening slowly as it always does and when the point of balance shifts far enough then one good kick will send it falling.

At that point the most powerful war machine ever assembled will be in the hands of monsters and the world will again go to war.
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