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Extra suppression?

Whe I bought my .22 suppressor I had a choice of some more expensive Swedish or Danish options, or a very reasonalby priced home-made option, sold by my shooting clubs owner.

It does a perfectly good job, but I'd be happy if it did it that bit more. So I'd like to know if this would make any difference or not.

My silencer is dismantleable. You need to unscrew the end that is threaded for the barrel.

Once removed, one can slide out about six cylindrical compartments.

Imagine a small cylinder, as wide as is the internal diameter of the suppressor body, hollow and having a .22 hole in the centre of the ends.

Now imagine that it is under an inch long, and totally open at one end with the .22 sized aperture only at the other.

These are stacked in the suppressor closed end to open end.

My idea is to loosely stuff the cavity formed by each of these clylinders with the scrunchy metal material that you can buy for scrubbing pots and pans. Needless to say the bullet path would be kept clear.

Would this stuffing muffle sound further or would escaping sound from the bolt/slide area make such a chnage futile?
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