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I cannot see the need to have high capacity magazines. My USGI 1911A1, for example, holds seven rounds. If I am a capable marksman why would I need more than that? I have seen ads for a 100 round magazine for the Ruger 10/22- why?
(I know that this is an emotional issue but I would like to hear calm, reasonable responses about this issue.)
It is because the 2nd Amendment is about using guns for military, not sporting purposes. Those who think otherwise, miss the point.
In the event of war, a large capacity magazine in a military rifle is a requisite for establishing superiority of fire. The side with the superiority of fire will prevail on the battle field.
That is why we "need" them. Because all civilizations have eventually collapsed, been invaded and or, disappeared. It is not a matter of if that will happen to us, it is a matter of when.
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