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Traded in my FN 5.7 for a pair of stainless 357 Vaquero's today

maybe I shouldn't have??? but, I never really got into shooting it ( I'm totally consumed about the reloading, so if I shoot semi autos in reloadable cartridges, I'm really anal about getting all my brass back, & the 5.7 is really a bugger to reload ) this kinda spoiled it for me shooting it, other than that, they are wonderful guns... but I took it to my LGS & traded for a pair of Lipsy's polished stainless consecutive serialed 357 Vaqueros, that I know I'll shoot more... yes I know what the 5.7's are selling for on GB, but I wanted paperwork to say where it went, rather than a plain old face to face ( especially in this climate )... on a hand shake ( I've bought many guns from this guy ) I left the 5.7 at the shop to sell, & the Lipsy guns are ordered ( 2 week lead time ) he's worried if he didn't get the gun till 2 weeks, he might not be able to sell it ??? ( political climate thing again )... I kept some ammo, as I have a custom Contender barrel in that chambering as well ( which it's much much easier to reload that cartridge if it's fired in a Contender barrel, than in the blow back semi auto )...

We don't really do that much CAS stuff, but last I shot, I used my 45 Montados, & a 357 lever... I now have a 45 lever gun, & thought a pair of 357 revolvers would make things easier, if MRS wanted to shoot CAS with me...

so... thoughts... good deal ??? crazy for doing it ???
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