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This is the benefit to contacting one's legislators, even if you know they are not normally friendly to the right to keep and bear arms.

They can say what they like, but if their own staff is telling them that a vote for a ban equals lost votes at the polls, then that person is going to be very noncommittal behind the scenes. If the leadership cannot be certain of passage, then they won't push the bill. The only thing worse than losing votes to pass a bill is losing votes for a bill that ultimately never became law anyway (this is why Reid is not eager to push one through the Senate to have it fail in the House).

Make your desires clear... I plan to keep on writing my legislators every couple weeks, just to make sure they know I'm paying attention. Two of them (my Representative and one Senator) are with us... one is not very friendly to our cause, but I do think she can be turned if we keep the pressure on.

Get to writing- be clear, be concise, be polite, and be persistent. If we lose our rights, don't let it be because we were quiet.
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