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And I would think a private citizen involved in the right proceedings would have access to similar tools...

Fully Automatic weapons ARE available to the general public if you REALLY want to jump through the hoops.

A real lawyer would have to jump in to confirm/deny/clarify but I would think a motion for discovery isn't too far removed from a search warrant. I suspect that if you can provide the same level of scrutiny the police would have to, a judge may order a search warrant (I assume served by the police and not John Q Public) in the case of suspected violation of that discovery ruling...

In addition to just because it is, doesn't mean it's right-

Just because the mechanism isn't widely known doesn't mean it isn't there.

For a ridiculous hypothetical, your neighboorhood bans turning a detached garage into a man cave. You do so anyway. Your neighbor sees you doing it and sues you for violating the homeowners association bylaws or whatever the hell the actual jargon involved for this sort of thing is... It's conceivable the facts of the matter would be proven by a tour of your detached garage. It's further conceivable the judge could order you to allow others access to that garage to verify its car or mancave contents given sufficient cause.
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