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I had not heard that revolvers were going to have capacity limits too.
Whether or how the new legislation will apply to 8-10 shot revolvers is unclear; there is currently a thread in L&CR about it.
There are also revolvers chambered in 9mm... Ruger and S&W have made them in the past.
It should be pointed out, however, that all the Ruger and S&W 9mm models have been discontinued for a decade or more, and none of them sold well when they were new. Their relative rarity has caused prices to go up due to collector interest. Most used .38/.357 Rugers and S&Ws- and even some new ones- will be cheaper or at least comparable in price.
As to a .45 ACP revolver, my LGS has a Smith and Wesson for sale for about $600. I don't remember which model, but its a classic model.
I too have seen .45ACP S&Ws for similar prices, but here's the key: DON'T shop for the fancy Model 625 variants like the IDPA guys use, or original M1917's / Model 22's. Those are the expensive ones. Look for one of the run-of-the-mill Model 25's or an "Indy Special"- a vintage M1917 that has been modified in a way that ruins its collector value but doesn't impair how it shoots. (The "Indy" name refers to a certain fedora-wearing, whip-wielding movie character who carried an M1917 with a shortened barrel. )

Be aware, however, that the M25 and M625 were also available in .45 Colt. You may also find a few WWI-era S&Ws that were originally built for the British military in .455 Webley and then modified to take .45ACP; hallmarks of these guns are .455 barrel markings, British military and/or commercial export proof marks, and obvious machining marks and/or lack of finish on the rear face of the cylinder. Some experts do not consider the rechambered .455 guns to be safe to shoot with full-power .45ACP, so they are considered relatively undesirable as a result.
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