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I had not heard that revolvers were going to have capacity limits too.
I am sorry to hear you MIGHT have to sell one of your guns.

(I do suggest that you wait at least a month or two because I would be shocked if at least the "cannot be grandfathered in" part is not overturned by a court case. It seems extremely illegal to force citizens to get rid of already legally owned property with compensation.)

Anyway, it sounds like you already have a pretty decent selection of typical .38 and .357 revolvers. My thoughts would be to replace "volume" with "power". (If they say you can't have 8 rounds of .357 or .22lr....then you'll just have to settle for 6 rounds of something way more powerful.)

A nice RUGER .44 magnum is great option. The reason I stress Ruger is because they can handle the hottest commercial loads available like the Buffalo Bore 340gr LFN cartridges. And since you'll have reloading equipment you can duplicate or alter the loadings to your preferences and needs for the situation.
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