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I have CC'd a 642 and a Cheetah plus several others, both smaller and larger. It depends on how you dress, but for me, being able to wear baggier clothes to the office, I find I can comfortably CC any of them and there is very little difference. The only thing that is noticeable is the weight but a good belt solves that. I have CC'd a Beretta Bobcat up to a 5" 1911 IWB and felt fine. I tend to CC something in the middle of that range like the Cheetah. I worried about size and concealability also at first but found that realistically with the right clothes I can CC pretty much anything, even in the summer. What does help is using a lighter nylon holster. They suck for re-holstering but they add nothing to the size of the gun and can be tucked up tight to your side with a good belt. You forget the gun's there.
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