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On Thursday ( yesterday ) I went to Sportsman's Warehouse to see if they had anything I couldn't live without.

I went around 4 pm. They had gotten a shipment of rifles and there was a line of probably 75 people waiting to buy them. I am assuming they were ARs as they have a pretty good selection of bolt guns.

The guns had just been delivered and some of those people had been waiting since 9 am when the store opened!

I asked one of the cashiers about it and she said that their shipments of guns and ammo are delivered late on Thursday.

Sportsman's has instituted limits on ammo and primers as well as magazines.

I can see the handgun inventory is way down. They had 5 SR1911s on Monday.

That was when I bought mine and there are none on the rack as of yesterday.

I think the panic buying is just getting started.

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