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Ditto on the WSM for me, I just prefer a short action for lighter weight, and shorter bolt throw.

We own both Savages, and 700's. Like them both...

For me, the edge goes to Savage for out-of-the-box accuracy for the $$ spent.

The unique thing about a Savage is that you can build your own rifle, usually for the same, or less, than a factory offering- and get exactly what you want.

Many of us Savage owners will hit up a pawn shop, and find a deal on a used rifle. Barrel and stock condition is irrelevant- the more beat up the better, as long as the action and bolt are in good shape- because that's all we want. If the barrel and stock have value, sell them... used factory take-offs will sell for $50 or more. If you need a different boltface, you can change them easily on a Savage- unlike the 700 where you'd need a new bolt.

You can usually pick up a Model 10/110 or Stevens 200 (same) for around three bills, or less. Order a Criterion, Shilen, Pac-Nor or whatever (I just got a Shaw varmint contour in 7-08, and a .260 on a group buy for under $200 each) your preference is. Savage factory barrels usually shoot very well, but if you really want the cloverleafs, go aftermarket.

Pick out an aftermarket stock, $200-$300 and you can easily spend more.

So, for about eight bills, or can have a "custom" rifle you built yourself, all you need is a $25 barrel wrench and a "go-gauge"- about the same $$ you'll spend for a factory model.

Just another avenue for you to consider. Good luck with whatever you choose.
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