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I was going to start this with the statement that you sir are a fool however I found that opening judgmental in nature and probably something a Christian man should not do. I do not believe you are a fool but I do believe you are foolish to believe limiting the capacity of magazines will have any effect on the violent nature of the United States.

Are you aware that more Americans are killed with hammers every year than are killed with long guns? Are you aware a very small number of those killed with long guns are killed with "assault weapons" with high capacity magazines?

The recent killings are a tragedy for the nation but all of them have been carried out by people in the mental health system who legally should not have had any gun "assault weapon" or otherwise. Indeed, going back for years even to Columbine these are people known to someone to have mental health issues yet were not receiving adequate help or supervision. These people kill with no regard to victim or weapon, whether stabbing a family to death or burning them to death in their home or shooting children in their classroom.

Nobody would ask the federal government to ban hammers or register them or limit their weight or length because the hammers are not the problem. We should not be attempting to limit the rights of law abiding citizens with respect to what firearms they can own or how many cartridges they should be allowed to carry because the guns, magazines and cartridges are not the problem.

If you truly want to have an impact, lobby for a reexamination of the societal issues leading to these mental health problems and mental health system which is allowing mentally ill people to roam our streets killing our citizens with nary a care from our government until they do something like this. Then everyone wonders why and how this could happen and blames the guns or magazines and wants feel good legislation which will have zero to negligible impact because while it may make you feel good it does not address the problem.
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