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Yes of course the Swartz works through the grip safety but unless you depressthe safety you can't pull the trigger,right?
That's irrelevant. The Swartz system still works off the grip safety. Depressing it will release the firing pin stop plunger, whether you pull the trigger or not.

My poor eyes deceive that's for sure,here's what I see Mr. Tuner,a)the horizontal ribs are still fully engaged.there's daylight at the rear and top but
not at the front.b
Of course there's no daylight at the front of the lugs. They pressing against the slide lugs in opposition as the moving bullet exerts a forward drag on the barrel while the slide is hauling it backward against that drag. That's how it works.

And the upper barrel lugs never bear against the tops of the lug recesses in the slide.

the barrel is fully tilted downward and no part of it seems to
protrude from the slide.c)t
No, the barrel isn't tilted. The link hasn't swung far enough to do that...and you won't see any of the barrel protruding from the front of the slide until the barrel stops on the vertical impact nominally 1/4-inch of rearward travel. Until that happens, barrel and slide are moving rearward together.

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