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"I was speaking in general terms, sport. Some Uberti rifles are chambered for .38 special. Also if you hand load, you do know you can load a .357 mag hot, don't you? As for strength, toggle link rifles will stand up to any standard ammo."

That's odd, because not once did you mention, nor did anyone else for that matter, .38 Special in this thread before you dropped in "+P."

The wording of your original statement, especially in response to someone wondering if the rifle can handle a steady diet of .357 Magnum loads, is thus both perplexing and confusing.

And yes, you can load a hot .357 Magnum. But, unless you're a blithering idiot, you won't load a .357 Magnum past recommended book values, or past SAAMI recommendations.

That means that you've loaded a .357 Magnum. Not a .357 Magnum +P, of which there is no such thing.
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