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often carry a Bereta Model 21 in .22LR it functions perfectlly with WW solids and clocks in at 900 fps with a 40 gr slug.
If I did the math right that's only 58.8 fp of energy but with 7 rounds a nice face spray or chest spray should deter any oppoonent long enough for me to get away safe...
I used the Energy program over at That 40 grains at 900 fps produces 71 ft.lbs ME. I am surprised at that velocity.
I had a model 21 and gave it away.....could not get it to shoot reliably and I tried hard.
Good for you.
As far as micro .22's that feed well, I had a Beretta 950 that never had an issue. It was .22short rather than .22lr, but the cartridges were definitely rimed. And my buddy has a Beretta tomcat that he feels is very reliable - I don't know that it's never misfired, but he felt good enough about it to give it to his wife.
The Tomcat is a .32acp. The cartridge is "semi-rimmed".
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