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I have a bunch of guns that would make this list. All were $400 or less, some a lot less:

Beretta 92FS, used 98%, $400 with 3 factory and 2 GI mags, in the case with all the paperwork, etc.
S&W 5906, used 98%, 3 factory mags, $325.
Tanfoglio "Mossad" (Same gun as early EAA Witness) in satin nickel, 90+%, one factory mag $320.
EAA Witness, same gun as above, different name, almost in 100%, 2 mags, $325, seller had all kinds of problems with it. I cleaned away the hunk of case stuck under the extractor, and it runs fine.
Astra A-100, eats anything, 98+%, with three mags, $269. "Rust" was actually some kind of polishing compound that came off with CLP.

My picks would be the 5906 or the 92FS, but all these guns are as reliable as a gun can possibly be (Yes, even the Astra), and none of them have any "limp wristing" nonsense as several of the guns I've had over the years have had.
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