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great test, and very surprising results. I was always under the impression that the major advantage .22LR had over .25acp (aside from availability/price)was the penetration. But you're seeing .25acp get marginally better penetration than the .22 even out of a shorter barrel.
I'm not sure what this information will do for me personally as I already have my tiny gun niche filled by a .380, but cool none the less.
There's definitely some distortion in pic#2 - best not let your lady friends know you have a camera that makes things look skinny or you'll never see it again.

As far as micro .22's that feed well, I had a Beretta 950 that never had an issue. It was .22short rather than .22lr, but the cartridges were definitely rimed. And my buddy has a Beretta tomcat that he feels is very reliable - I don't know that it's never misfired, but he felt good enough about it to give it to his wife.
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