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Up Close

A fluoroscope of a 1911 firing the first round,wonders never cease.
This is a very absorbing and instructive picture,the slide appears not to have
started to retract even though the bullet is almost out of the barr
Look closer. Your eyes deceive you. Look at the position of the link and the aliggnment of slide and frame at the rear. The slide and barrel have moved about .070-.075 inch...which is just about right relative to the bullet.

As as I understand it, the fired bullet leaves the barrel when the slide has moved a mere fraction of an inch (1/10th of an inch or so).
Yep. That's why it's called "Short Recoil Operated." The slide recoils for a short distance and the bullet leaves the system. At the point of bullet exit, recoil ends, and all movement of both bullet and slide come from the momentum conserved during the time that they were both being accelerated.

If so, the roll a FLGR plays must have to do with consistency of lockup when the slide is returned to battery.
Has no effect on "lockup."

Whether the pistol falls on its hammer or its muzzle the Swartz preventsfiring pin travel unless the trigger is depressed.
The Swartz system operates off the grip safety. The Series 80 system operates off the trigger.
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