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my lousy nickel's worth

I do feel the 38 is getting a bad wrap due to that recent GA newstory & I feel it is unwarranted. the 38 is a great piece; it just does better with the good ammo. The fact also remains that the 5 hit shots could have been grazes, one bullet hitting twice(chin then earlobe as only a random, non-confirmed example), or basically many possibilities.

I will also add that people are trying to use the story as proof that the 5 shot 38 is not enough, yet on the contary the story proves that the 38 GOT THE JOB DONE HANDS DOWN......the would haves, could haves, etc don't mean squat. the 38 HD weapon saved her life and was more than enough. there is actually evidence that she did NOT have to fire every shot but chose to do so.
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