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As Glenn said Selective Perceptions. Like one time I had a phenomena where I was just casually walking at night and my visualitory facuialties just narrowed to a say roughly 15% acuity in my front gaze so very selective. Also when my eyes were looking forward they also sorta trance locked forward. I had hardly any control to seem to migrate their solid stare. I don't remember why my senses were so Raw to my psyche but it was definately a Style of Stress I was experiencing it's stress that had to have caused it but yes its hard even though my visual memory is very very good to remember this but. I can remember things when I was 5 mabey I could be unknowlingly fabricating this assumed fact that I remember so well. But it seems very solidly so. Sensory-Overloaded oreinted visual and audio experiences I guess the two are tied in.
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