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Welcome to the forum and thanks for asking our advice.

You and I have almost exactly the same situation. .357 Mag, 44 Mag, 9mm, 45 ACP, 454 Casull/45 Colt, 480 Ruger. But I shoot more like 200-300 a month rather than per week. I make up the difference with 22 rimfire.

I settled on a Lee Classic Turret (when I repopulated my bench - I got tired of "making do" and decided to get the setup I would have bought in 19075 if I knew then what I know now). I added up what I spent (plus the prices of the pieces of gear that I kept like my tumbler and 10-10 scale, etc). Anyone could duplicate my setup for about $650. I lack for NOTHING and made no compromises I did not want to make.

So, if you are on a budget very far under $1,000 you might consider following my footsteps with the Lee Classic Turret.

However, a Dillon 550 or Dillon 650 will probably suit you better. The 550 will keep up with 300 rounds a week. The 650 will keep up with what your shooting will increase to when you start realizing the savings that rolling your own will give you.

In between the Lee Classic Turret (which is the best 4-station autoindexing turret press in the world today) and the Dillons is the Lee Loadmaster or Lee Pro-1000. Cheap enough to get one for each caliber (relieving the caliber swap inconvenience). They do have their adherents. Me? I traded off my Pro-1000s because running them made me crazy trying to monitor multiple simultaneous operations. I was a nervous wreck after a session. With my Classic Turret, I am much more relaxed when finished and my production rate did not suffer one bit. Many other people tolerate progressives better than I.

If you can afford it, get the Dillon 650 with case feeder or a couple of 550s also with case feeders. I didn't compromise with my Lee Classic Turret and neither should you. Go for Dillon if that's what you want. Life is short.

If you can't afford Dillon, consider Lee's Classic Turret and saving up for Dillon. Or Lee Loadmaster and saving up for the Dillon. (Hint: Resale recovery on the Lee Classic Turret is likely to be better than on the Lee Loadmaster)

Do not wait on the case feeder, get it.

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