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thanks for lots of good thoughts and suggestions.
Like I said, I'm not trying to shoot Olympics, good groups are fine. Out of box but out of a good box, yes? I'm not going to fuss to much over moa .01 difference minutia.
Not interested in the smaller cal. at this time, pretty sold on the 300 win mag although I will consider the WSM, especially with that comment about reloading being easier.
tobnpr I'm not looking for a $4k gun, but definitely not a lower end. For instance, NOT a Remington 770 but a 700. Not on a tight budget, (but may want to buy more than one gun LOL). Definitely new, definitely quality. Something that will be used, carried in the woods, mountains, hold up well and will last through the years.
that said, warbirdlover, which is the better Tikka? I'm guessing not the lite? T3 Hunter?
So, I should check out a
Savage 110? or 111?
Browning X-bolt (I have always had a like-n' to Browning and have an old A5 shottie)
Weatherby Vanguard Series II
Ruger 77 Mk II
Winchester 70 - which one? looks like there's more than a dozen (for instance the ultimate shadow hunter?? yes that is in my budget range, no problem)
Well that's what I have gathered so far from y'alls comments. Am I pickin up what y'r puttin down?
Way HK kinda' guy.
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