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What do you mean by slip? Does it not fire unless you reset the trigger?

I installed a Rifle Basix trigger on a Savage and it was great for roughly 500 trigger pulls, but then it started down hill. I felt it was getting to the point of being unsafe, so I took it back apart. The sear was rounded off, which caused creep and also it wasn't a clean break (at all) so I wasn't sure exactly when it would go off or even if it would go off without me wanting it to. I took the trigger apart and put it back together. Safe again, but the trigger doesn't break as crisply as it used to and I had to make the trigger pull heavier.

I would call back and politely let Winchester know you feel its their responsibility to pay for shipping if there is no local gunsmith certified to do their warranty work.

Good luck and let us know! It's always good to hear about customer service experiences.
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