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Savage is an excellent choice. They have great aftermarket support and are acccurate out of the box.

.308 as mentioned would be a good choice, but I gotta tell you a .243 came to mind. It would need a fast twist rate, but the 105gr can really reach out there. Off the shelf ammo is abundant and the recoil is very low which is nice when learning to shoot.

The advantage I see of either caliber is down the road as you are working out to 800-1000 yards, you rebarreled to .260 Remington. It wouldn't require you change anything except the barrel itsself as it uses the same bolt head and detachable/internal magazine. It is an excellent long range cartridge and would do a number on those coyotes. .308 seems excessive for coyotes and the ballistics of the .260 Remington are far superior to the .308. Only downside to .260 is off the shelf ammo availability, but I suspect as the cartridge grows in popularity that will get better.

Finally, don't rule out a used rifle. I recently bought a used Savage 111 in 270, with scope, sling, shoulder pad, detach box magazine and 48 rounds for $290. Its not an accutrigger, but the trigger was still fairly decent. I don't think deals that good are common, but they are out there.
The Jeep has been a lot of fun, but time to come back to my first hobby.. shooting.

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