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I recently re-read "Point of Impact" by Stephen Hunter, which the film "Shooter" was loosely based off of.

In the novel, a highly decorated Marine is set up as the fall guy for an attempted assasination of the President. In the course of the novel, Mr. Hunter, who is a great friend to the first two amendments to the Constitutions, a fictional editorial from the Washington Post decryiing the supposed weapons used by the protagonist.

What rifle is that?

A pre'-64 Winchester Model 70 in .308, but decried by the fictional editorial as a high-powered sniper rifle.

That gives me pause sometimes when I think of how worked up the MSM gets over what Col. Cooper called a "poodle shooter" and I once or twice angrily referred to as my "mall ninja male enhancement tool", what would they say of just about every scope equipped deer rifle in this country?

That's to say nothing of big game rifles or some of the magnum caliber rifles out there.
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