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While I've never been nor do I intend to be a resident of NY, I can sympathize with residents of the state as I grew up in IL which seems to be in a similar position: the balance of power seems to rest with one large metropolitan area that can, in effect, hold the rest of the state hostage. As was is the case with IL, it seems as though NY is too far gone to be fixed from within and, as such, it's time to take things to the national level through litigation. In my view, the best hope for saving Second Amendment rights in states like NY and IL is the Second Amendment Foundation and similar groups that bring lawsuits at the federal level. While federal involvement in state matters normally makes me very uneasy, the abuses of the state of NY is so egregious that I feel federal-level litigation is probably the only recourse at this point. Abuses of power such as this are the reason that the 14th Amendment became necessary.
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