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New here... Need advice.

hello all, first off ive been lurking for a while, and really respect the info you all have to offer.
a bit about me. i do have some firearms training, i carry everyday, and i enjoy shooting when finances allow.
i am needing advice on getting a bolt gun, and i have a ton of questions. i have done extensive reading on this forum and many others but still desire guidance to make a decision.

i want to learn long range shooting 800-1000 yards (i know i will have to work up to this over time), longest shot ive done is about 150 yards standing using my marlin 30-30 with open sites at a chew can. i desire to learn fundamentals of marksmanship. for this i am wanting to get an entry level bolt gun. i will not be using the rifle for hunting other than the occasional coyote. it will primarily be a range gun.
what caliber should i use? mind you cost is a big factor. i have some .223 ammo that i have for another gun that i could use so i am very much leaning towards this. i do not reload my own rounds and most likely will not for a long time.
what rifle should i purchase? my budget for a rifle and scope is around $500. im leaning towards savage due to out of the box accuracy and the great things i hear about them. i would prefer a rifle with upgrade potential but will need to be able to get me by for now. i would like a rifle with a removable magazine. if it came down to buying a better rifle and a lesser scope to learn the basics i will be able to afford a better scope in a few months.
i know next to nothing about working on bolt guns but can learn.
i am located in central Oregon and would enjoy a meet with people to learn all that i can and maybe to hit the range with.
lastly im sure i forgot info you all will need from me to help you answer my questions post them and i will get back to you as soon as i can.

thank you all in advance for your responses.
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