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when a local resturant put up new sign... "no guns" wife and I were seated....and I asked in friendly manner...."May I speak to the manager?"

The manager appeared shortly...he was someone I had seen befor...and he plesantly asked what he could do for me.

I inquired about the new "No guns" sign at the front door.

He said he thought it was a good idea...reflecting the events in the news as of late.

I looked him straight in the eye...and made the comment........"So if a crazy individual storms in here while we are having will gaurentee our safety?"

He kinda stammered a bit....said it would not take that long for the police to arrive.......he was finishing his sentance as I wife stood...I handed him three cents....told him it was all the business he deserved from me....we would take our money to another establishment...

the table next to up and left with us...
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